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Ideas on Preventing Hip Dysplasia for your Long coat German Shepherd Dog:
How to prevent hip dysplasia in your German Shepherd Dog?
Here are some ideas on how to prevent hip dysplasia for the German Shepherd Dog:

1. Do not run/jog your German Shepherd puppy for long periods of time until he/she is over 1 years old.

2. Allow your puppy to do a lot of free play on grass or sand and avoid pavement and concrete.

3. Do not keep your puppy left in its crate for very long periods of time, unless it is night time when the puppy should be sleeping. Keeping the puppy in its crate too long is also not good if you are trying to crate train the puppy.

4. Supplement your German Shepherd puppy with MSM (10 mg per 10 lbs) and Vitamin C.

5. Swimming is a very good exercise for your German Shepherd dog's joints.

6. Keep your German Shepherd Dog's claws short.

7. Keep your dog at a healthy weight; make sure your dog is not too fat.

8. Have your German Shepherd on a healthy diet.
These ideas were gathered from other web forums or sites. We are not guaranteeing any of these ideas to prevent hip dysplasia in German Shepherd Dogs.

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